Make Cooking Fun Again!

Love to eat, hate to cook? This is a plight that affects many of us. There are some solutions that we think can help solve this dilemma and make cooking more fun for everyone.

Idea 1: Have a cooking contest with your family. When everyone pitches in, it is not as much work and making it a contest will get everyone more excited about cooking dinner; especially the kids if there is a prize involved.

Idea 2: Do not let cooking stress you out. Think of it as experimental, and do not try to be perfect. As with all other skills, cooking takes time to master. Give yourself a break and take it slow. Even if you do not think your dish is perfect, your friends and family will appreciate the effort. Also, no one is a tougher critic than you. Remember, you cannot become Emeril overnight.

Idea 3: Try creative, fun and new dishes. Do not let yourself get bogged down with the ordinary. Once a week, look up a recipe that looks tasty and is visually appealing. Making this new, unique meal will give you a sense of accomplishment. An easy way to find new recipes is to join Pinterest. This social website provides thousands of ideas to jazz up your cooking style. If you are really feeling your creative side kick in, take a picture of each new dish you create and make a dual-purpose scrapbook and cook book.

Idea 4: Strike a deal. Okay, so maybe the cooking is not so bad, but what about the clean-up? Make a deal with your significant other, kids or roommate that requires them to clean-up if you cook, and vice-versa. It is only fair that if your house mates get to indulge in your delicious hard work, they should have to share the work by doing the dishes.

Idea 5: Spice up your kitchen with some cool gadgets. If you are able to, treat yourself to some colorful pots and pans or some new appliances. How can you not have fun cooking with a bright red or blue retro oven? Or using a stove with an antique look and feel? Now you have two reasons to throw a dinner party, to showcase your new Elmira appliances and to show off your new found love of cooking!

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