New Year, New You, New Kitchen

1867 Range Liberty Blue

January is the perfect month for a fresh start. You have perhaps made some sort of New Year’s resolution; maybe one that involves changing your eating habits. If you need a little extra motivation to begin cooking healthier meals, a new kitchen might do the trick.

Making a resolution to eat healthier is pretty common, but what about doing something special, exciting and different in 2012? A kitchen makeover can do exactly that. Of course, anyone would be excited about remodeling his or her kitchen, but what is so different about it? Well, you can add refreshing, statement-making retro or antique Elmira appliances to your kitchen instead of the same old basic white, black and stainless steel appliances that everyone else has. Talk about conversation pieces!

Elmira has many different style and color options, so you won’t have any trouble finding appliances that coordinate with your cabinets and countertops.

For those of you that own a lake house or are considering purchasing one in the future, nothing would make your lakeside cabin feel cozier than an Elmira antique wood-burning style stove. These stoves are modeled after appliances made in the 1890’s and are available in wood-burning, gas or electric. They also have the option of four burners or six burners. Other features include a “feather touch” electric control panel, self-cleaning ovens, convection cooking, warmer, sealed gas burners, smooth-top electric burners and “Ultra Temp” cast elements.

Guys, if you are not quite sold on the idea of such unique appliances taking residence in your kitchen, what about a Northstar refrigerator that has a built-in “through-the-door” beer keg dispenser? All you have to do is add your favorite keg of beer; perfect for your upcoming Super Bowl party.

All of this probably seems like a great idea, but there is always the challenge of financing a full kitchen remodel. However, just one or two new appliances can give your kitchen an entirely new and fresh feel. The first time you entertain with your new appliances, you will know that you have achieved your New Year’s goal of doing something special and different.

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