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Springing from our extensive expertise in creating high-quality colour, we offer an array of tones to match every artistic vision. ⁠

Whether you want kitchen appliances that pop with era-specific hues or you are crafting an original approach to colour, we make it happen with impeccable purity, precision, and polish.⁠

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Colors of the Year✨⁠

Elmira’s decision to choose Blue and Yellow went beyond color. When Elmira found itself in the midst of a labor shortage earlier this year, the company hired several displaced Ukrainian nationals to work in its Arnprior, Ontario manufacturing facility. The experience was the inspiration to choose the colors of the Ukrainian flag as Color of the Year.⁠

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Capturing the spirit of home through classically-crafted, time-honoured designs 💫 ...

In life, it’s not often you come across someone who is truly dynamic that draws you in the way @jennifer.e.crawford - the 2019 winner of @masterchefcda - does. ⁠

🧑🏼‍🍳 Once called “the most talented home cook we’ve seen in six seasons,” Jennifer is much more than a talented food enthusiast. ⁠

Recently, Jennifer has been working with their partner to renovate a mid-nineteenth-century farmhouse. We had the opportunity to catch up with Jennifer and chat about their latest projects, including their kitchen renovation and the inspiration behind designing the space.⁠

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One of the design goals for our Pennsylvania Farmhouse new-build (previous post) was to develop a narrative that the house had grown up and changed over time. The kitchen design influence came from the 1930s and 40s, as opposed to the rest of the farmhouse, which was conceived to be from the 19th century. Creating a period kitchen takes hard work and a thorough understanding of historic millwork. Our talented Hull Millwork craftsmen built custom cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling, an eastern white pine island, a built in plate shelf, and many other treasures that were all found in historic Millwork catalogs from Brent’s library. The immaculately restored O’Keefe and Merritt stove, retro Elmira Stoveworks oven and refrigerator, and massive antique green farm sink, all help set the tone for this stunning period farmhouse kitchen.⁠

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A little pop of colour to brighten up your weekend 🤩 Custom appliances to fit your personality, needs and lifestyle! ...

Christmas Eve chef inspiration 🧑🏼‍🍳⁠

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First pot of chili for the season! Fall is in the air.

It's beginning to look a lot like... 🎄 ...

Read to bring your dream kitchen to life?✨ With our step-by-step kitchen creation experience, you can choose your cabinets and flooring; then experiment with various appliance models, options, colours, and trims. ⁠

Save your choices to view the appliances in your dream kitchen, along with full pricing details. You can also submit a request for a quote on the appliances you’ve built.⁠

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We love seeing your kitchen renovations! 🤩⁠

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And for an exciting change of pace to my 1930’s / 1960’s unrenovated kitchen, my 9yrs long awaited #elmirastoveworks red 1898 model fridge, with filigree and copper inlay and nickel plated handles.. my first appliance purchase of my life and it has the water thing!! Maybe I’ll drink water now 😂😂 never had one before. I love it, and it looks like it was made for my untouched since I moved in kitchen. The plumber (Dad) came and installed today. Worth the wait 💓 one day I’ll get the beautiful stove, oven, and redo my yellow Formica countertops (😂- they do have to go. Haha) keep saving 💓 But to start, I adore this fridge, look how nice it fits with the wine racks that were in the kitchen! Perfect. 😍 #restorenotdestroy #victorianhome

Came across this beautiful Florida home built originally in the early 1900s. We see some kitchen appliances that look familiar! 👀⁠

📷️ : Lizzie Lu's Island Retreat

For true frontier enthusiasts, our customer Fireview woodburning cookstove simplifies traditional homestead cooking with practical updates, high efficiency, and versatility.⁠

This colour is one of our favourites - warm, timeless and earthy with just the right amount of edgy. ⁠

Choose from several configurations, trims, and options to suit your personal style and your cooking style 🎨

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