Reimagine your kitchen as rich colours, period-style design, and polished metal trims exquisitely merge with your home’s decor. Envelop yourself in premium-grade features such as dual-fuel cooking, six-burner cooktops, convection wall ovens, French-door fridge capacity, and LED lighting. Craft the perfect suite of appliances with the Heritage Collection for your modern farmhouse, Victorian chic, or cabin-inspired kitchen.


Heritage pro-style ranges offer an abundance of custom, turn-of-the-century configurations along with modern conveniences like self-cleaning true convection ovens, sealed gas burners, interior oven lights, and electronic control panels. Fashioned with a period-style double door design, the front of the Heritage oven opens as a single, unified door. Tailor your range with various colour options and decorative trims like Victorian trivets, and accent trims of nickel or antique copper.


Fashioned with a period-style double door design, the front of the Heritage wall oven opens as a single, unified door, combining the convenience of a traditional wall oven with the exquisite ornamentation of the past. The nickel or antique copper trim and decorative scrollwork further accentuates the period-style design while you enjoy cooking with modern features like digital displays, convection, and interior oven lighting.


Achieving a charming appearance compatible with this vintage-inspired line, Heritage refrigerators combine thoughtful ornamentation, decorative metal trims, and subtle scrollwork with modern performance features. Filtered interior water dispenser, ice maker, gallon-sized door storage, sealed vegetable crisper, premium interior lighting, and a full-width pantry drawer are just some of Heritage’s premium refrigeration features to enjoy.


Heritage dishwashers and dishwasher panels pick up the turn-of-the-century motif seamlessly. With quiet performance, adjustable upper racks, and 6 cycles to choose from, Heritage dishwashers deliver outstanding cleaning performance dressed in period-style elegance. In addition to offering complete built-in dishwashers, Elmira offers dishwasher panels, allowing you to achieve the signature Heritage style with a compatible fully-integrated dishwasher model of your choice.


A prime example of innovation and imagination, the Heritage microwave captures the artistic essence of this heirloom-inspired line and features like five-stage programmable cooking, turbo defrost, and 10 power levels for precision heating. Familiar motifs, like the scrollwork and metallic doorframe accent in nickel or antique copper, are flawlessly assimilated, creating impeccable consistency and harmony for a complete Heritage kitchen.
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