1840 BASE MODEL $7395


(Shown with optional Nickel Door Frame, Nickel Front Legs, Nickel Rear Legs and Nickel Victorian Trivet)


deep lustrous finish

Black / BISQUE

timeless colour combination

Viewing Window / Firebox
The Fireview viewing window not only allows you to enjoy the fire; you can also monitor the fire so you know when to add wood or adjust the controls. Behind the fire door is a large 1.6 cubic foot firebox that accepts up to 18″ logs and can be loaded from the front or top.
Spacious 3.0 Cubic Foot Oven
The deep three-cubic-foot oven easily accommodates a full-size roasting pan.
Overhead Warmer
The 1.7 cubic foot overhead warmer is handy for keeping dishes warm while you’re waiting for those last few items to cook, heating plates, bread or pies or, like in the old days, drying out a pair of children’s mittens!


Nickel Oven Door Frame
Give your stove an added touch of elegance with a polished Nickel oven door frame.
Nickel Legs
Nickel front legs provide an attractive accent to your stove. (If the back of your stove will be visible, you can also order your stove with Nickel rear legs.)
Nickel Skirts

The skirt is the decorative “apron” that runs between the legs. For a more ornate look, dress up your stove with a Nickel front skirt, and/or side skirts.

Nickel Victorian Trivet
Cast from an authentic circa. 1880 pattern, then plated in Nickel. The trivet looks spectacular when combined with matching legs and / or skirt.
Water Jacket
Optional water jacket replaces the left side fire brick and supplies hot water to your household water system. The jacket supplies approximately 10 gallons per hour. (Fittings, pipes, etc. not supplied.)


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