Spring colors explode on the kitchen scene — creating designs that are ‘out with the old’ and ‘in with the new’

You prepare sumptuous meals. You gather with family and friends. You rehash the day’s events. You plan for what comes next. The American kitchen has earned its place as the most storied, “grounding” room in the house.

Which is why — every new spring season — homeowners race to fill the space with the newest in spring colors to revitalize and renew following the drab winter months. And, as always, Elmira has its finger on the pulse of “tasty” spring color designs you should consider.

Common shades of white and slate give colors the chance to pop

We’ll start with spring kitchen color possibilities. Granted, not every homeowner feels the need to turn their kitchens into bold palettes of color; some prefer to tiptoe into the world of color. If that’s you, there are still plenty of opportunities to allow colors to pop off of a more traditional neutral background.

For example, award-winning residential architect Gil Shafer of G.P. Schafer Architect, PLLC, loves the power of painting the interior kitchen cabinets for a striking look. Shafer recommends starting with a clean white or off-white primary color and then painting the cabinet insides with an adventurous complimentary color — think of a shade that will highlight a beautiful china set or other kitchen design accessory.

Confident colors and bold placements are all the spring rage in 2017

So, exactly which colors will take their places in kitchen designs and redesigns this coming spring? Well, we’re glad you are confident enough to ask—because confidence is the color theme for this new and vibrant season. Check out the shades that will make the scene:

  • Buttercup yellow. We’re talking a wholesome, welcoming look that isn’t as risky as lemon yellow, yet still delivers an unmistakable feeling of relaxation every time you walk into the kitchen.
  • Robin’s Egg blue. Not blue as in sadness, but blue as in the delicate layers of an egg — guaranteed to inspire your friends and family into a new dynamic.
  • Mineral gray. This darker shade is perfect for the traditionalist looking to go with a bold color while keeping things close to the cuff.
  • Mint green. Nothing freshens a room into an ode to nature than this lighter shade of green — a green that’s just waiting to be paired with a rich beige.
  • Pastel pink. Yes, we said it — a boldly pink kitchen area. It’s feminine. It’s delicate. And, it really just makes you feel good to prepare sumptuous meals while bathed in pink.

Spring is in the details — which is why new appliances make a difference

The secret to a truly unique spring color redesign for your kitchen is to extend your experimentation past the walls, cabinets, and countertops. Every kitchen redesign project covers those areas. However, not enough homeowners colorize the kitchen with the next largest surface area — the appliances.

Consider selecting ranges, refrigerators, wall ovens, microwaves, and dishwasher panels that feature explosive color and design elements. Extending your design to these pieces will be what kicks your results up from ordinary to extraordinary.

If you’re ready to give your kitchen a spring makeover that will turn heads, Elmira has what you need to get it done. Our unique lines of kitchen appliances are bathed in the fresh spring colors you’re looking for to complete a truly dramatic redesign. Call us today at 800-295-8498 to speak to one of our experts.

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