New Year “Revolutions”


The New Year brings about a clean slate, a sense of hope, and motivation to take on new and exciting initiatives. Resolutions often come and go… so why not plan for something you can commit to, like a New Year’s “revolution”, instead? One way many people embrace this time is by giving their kitchen a mini-makeover that doesn’t break the budget. Let’s explore some ideas on how you can make your dream a reality.

Fresh Paint

A fresh coat of paint does wonders for a kitchen. Whether on the walls or the cabinets, a little bit of paint goes a long way. This one-day project is affordable, fun, and highly effective in breathing new life into your kitchen. Painting your cabinets requires more work than painting the walls, but if you want the ultimate kitchen makeover, make a whole weekend of it and paint everything! Painting the walls a neutral color, like Sherwin Williams’ 2017 color of the year, Poised Taupe, and the cabinets a lighter shade, makes for a stunning, modern look.

SW 6039 Poised Taupe

Dishwasher Panels

If you’re looking for a project that requires less time than painting, switching out the panel on your panel-ready dishwasher is the perfect project for you.  Our Model 1957 panel

Dish Washer

will enhance any retro lover’s kitchen. This pop of color in a modern kitchen will establish
a new focal point, and adding it to an existing retro-inspired kitchen, enhances the
authenticity even more.  The Northstar panel fits most 24-inch wide fully integrated dishwashers that accept panels. You get the look and feel of a brand new dishwasher without having to actually purchase one!

New Hardware

Small details are the cornerstone of incredible design. The big picture is important, but the details turn the big picture into a work of art.  Something as simple as installing new knobs and pulls on your cabinets can do a lot for the kitchen. If you paint your cabinets and add new hardware, it will totally transform the space! Opt for vintage-looking knobs and handles, for a unique retro look, or try something with clean lines that are a fit for a more modern style.  This project is also fun because finding the perfect hardware can be a great adventure. You can explore countless possibilities without having to spend big bucks. It’s also a project that requires very little effort in regards to installation so if you have a lot of motivation but not a lot of free time, this simple project is a great fit.

Hoods & Splashbacks

If functionality is one of the driving forces behind your new year’s “revolution”, look no further than new splashbacks and hoods.


From extra light to ventilation, a quality hood goes a long way. A splashback, while not a necessity, is also useful. It protects the walls from cooking grease, soap and water, food splashes, and whatever else could potentially compromise the aesthetics of your wall.  Splashbacks also add a nice design element to your dream kitchen.

With three different hood models (Model 1961, Model 1962, and Model 1963) there are hoods to fit your design style and preference. If your hood is wall-mounted, we also make a Model 1960 Duct Cover that fills the gap between the hood and the ceiling, maintaining a flow to the design. Tie it all together with the Model 1944 splashback and your kitchen mini-makeover will be beautiful and efficient.  As with all Elmira products, there are a variety of standard colors, and unlimited custom colors available.

Giving your kitchen a mini-makeover for the New Year doesn’t have to be expensive and incredibly time consuming. These products are budget friendly, easy to install, and most importantly, will help you kick off the New Year in style. So this year, join us in rejecting resolutions and instead embrace “revolutions.”  Happy redecorating!

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