Let’s Go Back to the Beginning…

Old Factory Shot

It was a little over 35 years ago when Elmira Stove Works got its start by building wood-burning cook stoves for local Mennonite and Amish communities.  As the business expanded many consumers loved the appearance of the cook stoves but asked if modern conveniences such as gas or electricity could be installed. So that’s exactly what we did.

We saw no reason to stop there though. Only a few years later we introduced an “antique” refrigerator, microwave ovens, wall ovens and dishwasher panels. It was what the consumer wanted and that’s exactly where we pull our innovative ideas from.

“Elmira has always focused directly on the needs of consumers, developing and updating products to meet their changing needs. Using the best and most innovative practices, we have grown with our customers,” says Tom Hendrick, President of Elmira Stove Works.

And grow we did. Our next step was the Northstar line which included a retro refrigerator, range, microwave, splash backs, range hoods, and dishwasher panels. We realized retro products were becoming popular, but were not readily available.  This is probably what made our retro appliances such a roaring success.


Last but not least, we went back to our roots with the introduction of the all-new Fireview wood-burning cookstove. The Fireview keeps to Elmira’s mantra of innovation by incorporating many unique features never before available in wood-burning stoves.

“Over the past 35 years, we have realized that the more innovative and creative we get with out products- keeping the antique and vintage design image- the better we can serve our customers. It’s not just what we do: it’s who we are,” said Hendrick.

About Elmira Stove Works:                                                               

Elmira Stove Works has been manufacturing vintage-styled ranges since 1975, and offers full lines of “circa-1850” and retro 1950s appliances, including ranges, refrigerators, microwaves, wall ovens, range hoods and wood-burning cook stoves.Elmira appliances are sold through dealers across North America. Elmira Stove Works is a privately owned company based in Elmira, Ontario, Canada.

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