Celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day with Elmira and…Lucky Charms!

Range Green

As always, Chicago will be going all out for St. Patrick’s Day this month. The river will once again be dyed green, the three-hour parade will prance through Grant Park, there will be bagpipes and river dancers – it promises to be a feast for the Irish, and the Irish at heart.

This year holds a little something extra, however. This year spectators and guests will also enjoy celebrating the 50th birthday of family-favorite brand Lucky Charms! Lucky Charms was first introduced into stores in 1964, making it a true vintage delight.


1950 mintgreen fridge

You know what else is a true vintage delight?

Elmira, of course! And we’d like to help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with one of our green Northstar appliances. We offer our traditional Mint Green color, but don’t forget – we also create custom colors.

So this St. Patrick’s Day, fill your kitchen with green Northstar appliances and pour a bowl of Lucky Charms. You’ll feel about as festive and vintage as a mid-century Leprechaun!

Check out our full line of Northstar appliances (in all colors) here.

Luck o’ the Irish to you, from Elmira!

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